CIU Directorate

Key activities of Central Intelligence Directorate

  • Maintaining a Public Information Receiving Desk (PIRD) round the clock to receive information from the Public.
  • Marinating an internal database, “Previous Offence Database” to keep records of Customs Offences.
  • Analyzing and Developing Intelligence received locally and internationally.
  • Issuing alerts and disseminating of information accordingly.
  • Entering significant cases done by Sri Lanka Customs to the WCO – CEN Database.
  • Keeping vigilance on CEN and alerts issued by WCO & RILOS.
  • Acting as the NCP for Regional Intelligence Liaison Office of the Asia & Pacific (RILO A/P) and focal point for international enforcement coordination.
  • Corresponding with other enforcement Agencies. (Police, Armed Forces, Import Control Department, Sri Lanka Standard Institute, Cosmetics Drugs &Dangerous Drugs Authority etc).
  • Intercepting high risk cargo consignment by reviewing cargo manifests and based on intelligence and cause investigations.
  • Operating of container Security Initiative project (CSI) at the Colombo Port.

(Containers bound to United States ports will be pre- screened at Colombo port jointly by the US Border Control staff and Sri Lanka Customs staff)

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