CIU Directorate

Connectivity of Central Intelligence with other agencies

The above chart shows the placement of the Central Intelligence directorate in the enforcement sectors of the department. , CI collects all seizure data relating to customs Offences from all possible sources and they are entered into the internal data base,” Previous Offence Data Base”. By filtering, sorting and analyzing all these information received, CI develops intelligence and disseminates related information, alerts to relevant enforcement authorities to act accordingly. Significant cases are entered in the CEN with all required details to make available for members to use them for developing the intelligence to prevent the potential threat of smuggling.

WCO – CEN Database

What is CEN?

CEN or Customs Enforcement Network is a system created and maintained by the World Customs Organization. The important component o this is the Database.

WCO –CEN Database updating by Sri Lanka Customs

This directorate is responsible for updating the WCO – CEN data base with the details of significant detections done by Sri Lanka Customs. As soon as detection is done the officials of the intelligence directorate gather information related to the detection and update the CEN database with available photographs. This will help the other Customs administrations to take precautionary measures to protect their boarders from similar smuggling activities. It is also a duty of this directorate analyze the CEN database and find out any possible smuggling threats to us.

Regional Intelligence Liaisons Office (RILO) – Asia and the Pacific

The RILO – Asia and the Pacific office currently based in Korea. From it’s inception in 1987 RILO office based in Hong Kong, Japan and China.

Coordination with RILO office

Sri Lanka Customs very closely works with RILO (A/P) office from the inception of the RILO.The RILO office during the last two years offered several training opportunities to the Customs officers of Sri Lanka. This includes two attachment training. The RILO (A/P) office based in Korea has extended their fullest corporation to Sri Lanka Customs administration for the last two years especially for the correspondence with other Customs and we, Sri Lanka Customs, fully appreciate their excellent work.

PIRD (Public Information Receiving Desk)

This is 24x7 operative information receiving desk from the public.

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