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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I obtain information regarding imports/exports procedure, TIN number registration procedure, correct HS code to apply in my importation/ exportation or Customs House Agent registration Procedure, refunds or any other matter related to Customs in general through the CID hotline 011-2471471?

A: No. You can visit the Customs Information Centre located in the ground floor of Customs Headquarters at No.40, Main Street, Colombo 11 or contact the same on phone number 011-2342012.

Else, if you know the Directorate/ branch which you want to contact, you can call on 011-2143434 or 011-2470946 to get the operator assistance.

Q: What kind of information can I obtain from the CID Hotline 011 – 2471471?

A: The hotline number 011-2471471 is only for receiving information from the general public regarding any act violating the Customs Law. Such reliable information received by the CID are analyzed to prepare intelligence products which will then be investigated by Customs or disseminated as intelligence alerts for the officers in the respective operational areas to be vigilant.

Successful information will be rewarded.

Q: What kind of services can I obtain from CID as a stake holder?

A: CID issues Previous Offence summary reports in respect of a Company or an individual, if available, as requested in the event of registration of a business, registration of Customs House Agents, registration of an individual as an importer to clear a consignment which is not of commercial nature, or as requested by any other Governmental Authority as and when necessary.

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