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Action IPR is the Joint Enforcement Action against Counterfeiting and Piracy in the Asia Pacific Region. the main objective this programme was to stand against counterfeiting and piracy in collaboration with WCO and other countries of Asia Pacific region. It will be specially focused on a particular period to take action on IPR violation and sharing expertise knowledge among Customs Officers to stand against counterfeiting and piracy such as,

  • Identify areas where the capacity needs to be built or strengthened in respect of participating countries’ IPR-related procedures.
  • Identify good practices in Customs border measures on counterfeiting and piracy.
  • Strengthen cooperative relationships with Right Holders.
  • Raise awareness among frontline officers of the importance of controlling Health and Safety Related Products.
  • Make use of the IPM system for identification and contacting Right Holders.
  • Enhance enforcement intelligence, where possible.
  • Identify the types of Health and Safety Related Products which are most frequently infringed.

Action IPR 1 Asia Pacific

A Train the Trainer Workshop for the Joint Enforcement Action against Counterfeiting and Piracy in the Asia Pacific Region and the operation "Action IPR Asia/Pacific” was informed to Sri Lanka Customs on 12.08.2015 by WCO. It was decided by the Director General of Customs -Sri Lanka to take part in the Workshop and the operation "Action IPR. Two Workshop for Customs Officers were conducted by Sri Lanka Customs on IPR-Matters at Customs Head Quarters and a media conference was organized collaboration with American Chamber of Commerce- Sri Lanka on 01st of December 2015.

The seizures - “Action IPR 1 Asia/Pacific

Action IPR 2 Asia Pacific

A Train the Trainer Workshop for the Joint Enforcement Action against Counterfeiting and Piracy in the Asia Pacific Region was held at Holiday Inn, Bangkok-Thailand from 15th to 17th, November 2016.The objective of the Workshop was to conduct a operation on "Counterfeit and Piracy" in the Asia Pacific Region. It was decided to have the Joint Enforcement Action against Counterfeiting and Piracy under the name of "Action IPR A/P 2" from 6th to 2th of February 2017. The products seized in this operation vary from pharmaceutical to automobile parts. As we gave priority to "Health and Safety" toys and mobile charges are given priority. It was revealed that even packaging for counterfeiting also imported from overseas with printed catalogues. As usual almost all the seizures were made from the consignment from China. The seizure of Counterfeited Dietary supplement from India is a remarkable one as it is the first ever seizure of Counterfeited Pharmaceutical product. Also an export of inferior quality Tea also seized during this period where Sri Lanka Pure Tea is having a high reputation of Geographical Indication in the world.

The seizures - “Action IPR 2 Asia/Pacific

Destruction of Counterfeit and Pirated goods on World IP Day

In the Action IPR operation huge quantity of counterfeited and pirated consumable of children were forfeited. As 26th April is commemorate as the international Intellectual Property Day, the counterfeited and pirated goods which are considered as prohibited goods in Customs Law were destroyed under patronage of Director General Mr. Chulananda Perera, other Additional Director Generals and Senior Customs Officers by Consumer Protection Unit of Social Protection Directorate. The main purpose of this destruction was to improve the awareness among general public about counterfeited and pirated articles. On this same day a Display Cabinet was declared open to general public by DGC and its consisting counterfeit and pirated articles which were detected during Action IPR operations.

Public awareness media conference on fighting against counterfeit goods

Sri Lanka represent in Asia Pacific IPR conference

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