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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the goods coming under SLSI regulation?

As per the SLSI regulation under extra ordinary gazette notification on IPR No 1523/22 of 15/11/2007, 200 goods are coming under SLSI import inspection scheme. (Annexure 2 Laws and Regulations\DOPL627IPR Gazatte.pdf)

Q2. What can we do with SLSI rejected goods?

The goods have to be re-shipped to the exporter. If the destruction of the goods is environment friendly, the destruction can be allowed under Customs supervision subject to the fulfillment of environmental requirements.

Q3. How can a right holder register his trademark or patent right with Customs?

The right holder must register his right at National Intellectual Property Office (NIPO) and submit the same along with Customs application form to Consumer Protection Unit for registration.

Q4. Can anyone other than the agent of the brand be allowed to import branded goods?

No, legislation in Sri Lanka restricts the parallel imports of reputed brand. But, the good should be an authentic one and imported through legal channel.

Q5. If any consignment contained any counterfeit good without the knowledge of importer, can it be cleared from Customs after paying applicable duties and other levies?

Counterfeit goods are considered as prohibited goods and it cannot be imported or exported. Whether it is imported knowingly or not, the goods shall be forfeited.

Q6. If any counterfeit goods of a right holder are suspected in a container, how can legal actions can be taken?

The right holder requires to satisfying the Director General of Customs that his rights are violated and on an appropriate assurance the suspected consignment can be detained. Within 10 working days the right holder has to notify the DGC of his legal action. If Importers rights are not violated, the goods will be released to the importer within 10 working days after examination of the goods,

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