CPU Directorate

Consumer Protection Unit

Functions of CPU

  • Monitoring of all the Conditional Imports.
  • Conducting awareness programs for Customs Officers on Intellectual Property Rights and Conditional Imports.
  • Arranging public awareness programs through mass media.
  • Registration of Right Holders.
  • Circulating alert notification on registered IPR and SLSI Infringements.
  • Represent Customs in local and international programs.
  • Investigating into IPR infringements.
  • Investigating into violations related to Conditional Imports and environment effect importation.
  • Intercepting Counterfeit and Pirated Goods.
  • Intercepting inferior and low standard goods.
  • Take action on application for action on IPR law infringements.
  • Take part in Regional and global operation on IPR infringements.
  • Coordinating with other stake holders and relevant authorities in law enforcement.
  • Give expert opinion on IPR law infringements
  • Hold Customs Inquiry for Conditional Import violations, IPR violations and other import violations.
  • Prepare reports on the performance of Consumer Protection Unit.

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