CPU Directorate

IPR Border Enforcement

IPR Functions of CPU

  • Combat against Counterfeiting and Piracy and enforce Intellectual Property Act in Imports and Exports read with Customs Ordinance.
  • Record the Right Holders at Customs with their full details.
  • Accept "Application for Action" from the Right Holders on any infringement of IP Right.
  • Deploy staff from CPU at examination points wherever it requires.
  • Provide expert opinion on IPR related issues.
  • Monitor the destruction of the goods by Sri Lanka Customs and ensure the protection of environment.
  • Conducts awareness programmes on IPR Law enforcement and product identification.
  • Circulate "Alert" notifications on IPR - Products among Customs Divisions.
  • Maintain a library of course materials of trainings and samples of counterfeit and pirated goods.
  • Represent Sri Lanka Customs in national and international seminars, conferences and workshops related to subject matters of the unit.
  • Represent Customs in legal matters related to IP Act.
  • Arrange Public awareness Programme on IPR law enforcement activities.

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