Declaration Directorate

Performance of the Directorate during the year 2014

  1. Facilitation to the trade through Automation System called “Asycuda World” so far has been successfully received by the imports for the purpose of speedy clearance of their cargo specially DTI direct Trader input increased the speed of key in by traders and eventually it added value for trade facilitation .
  2. DTI has now reduced the workload of the Customs officials as well, while their effectiveness and efficiency have been raised.
  3. Manual record keeping function has been eliminated in this directorate through new arrangements while quality and timeliness gathering of information has now been an easier task for the officials as well for the public.
  4. Total revenue collected by this directorate in 2014 is Rs. 415,434,606,765.00 while a sum of Rs. 67,131,110,388/- has been collected as total duty to the state. Other than the said recoveries the sum of Rs. 34,315,750/- have been collected by the “D” Branch as penalty/forfeiture/and additional recoveries respectively in 2014.
  5. Introduced “fast track clearance system” for selected importers and increased the number of importers to 218. Two DDCC’s specially posted to handle this special importers.
  6. “Electronic” manifesting system has now been introduced. The shipping agents submitting their manifest online to Customs without providing hard copy ship-wise. This system is now being successfully supporting the department users.
  7. The vehicle permits are now being written off electronically by the DDC attached to “D” Branch.

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