Exports Directorate

Air Cargo Export Office

Export of cargo by air is handled by Air Cargo Export Office which operates under DC (Export)
Export Cusdecs in respect of shipments by air shall be processed at the following offices.

  • Export Office(Colombo)
  • Export Office (Katunayaka)
  • Infac Centre
  • Bonding Division
  • BOI (Head Office & Units)
  • Export Office at Sri Lankan Air Lines, Duplication Road, Colombo 3

The following duties shall be attended to by the ASCC at Air Cargo Export Office

  • Registration of Cusdecs processed at Export Office, Infac Centre, Bonding Division and BOI.
  • Account updating and preparation of Cash sheet and the functions shall be attended to by ASCC.
  • Recovery of over time charges by customs shroff who enters all details separately in the BOI and Colombo Cargo register after updating of cusdecs.
  • Examination of the goods pertaining to the export Cusdecs which are endorsed "Cargo to be examined" by SC(warranting)
  • Checking the seals on the packages which have been examined and passed for shipment by panel officers.
  • Examination of goods if necessary and allow the shipment.

CusDecs, in respect of perishable cargo such as vegetables, fruits and live fish are processed at Air Cargo Export Office. All courier cargo for which processing of CusDecs are necessary, received after normal working hours, shall be processed at this office. CusDecs in respect of Sri lankan Air cargo, courier bags and Trade Samples are also processed at this office.

Air Cargo CusDecs except CusDecs processed at Sri Lankan Air line office
  • All CusDecs are registered in this office.
  • Key-in relevant data of the CusDec into the system and assess the CusDecs
  • Update the payments made to the shroff.
  • Enter required particulars in the cash sheet and balance it daily.
  • Superintendent of Customs shall warrant all CusDecs processed at this office.
  • Examine the goods and allow for shipment.

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