Exports Directorate

Container Freight Stations (CFS)

At present the following six Container Freight Stations (CFS) are operated under the Export Directorate. Most of the CFS are manned with two ASCC.

  1. DHL Global Forwarding Lanka pvt Ltd.
  2. Ace Distriparks pvt Ltd.
  3. Logilink pvt Ltd.
  4. Expo Lanka Freight
  5. Mearsk Logistics Lanka (pvt) Ltd.
  6. Global Tranportation and Logistics (pvt) Ltd.

The prime duty of these stations is consolidation of cargo into containers and transfer them to port of Colombo for export. Cargo is transported to these CFSS by the exporters with duly processed export documents along with the security copy of the Cusdec.

In addition to the consolidation of local cargo for export , only DHL Global Forwarding Lanka pvt Ltd. carries out Multi Country Cargo Consolidation (MCC) where transshipment cargo brought from various countries are de- stuffed and consolidated for re-export. For this purpose DHL Global Forwarding Lanka pvt Ltd. maintains a Customs approved bonded warehouse.

A.S.CC at Container Freight Stations (CFS)
  • Rreceives security copy of export Cusdec from the exporter/forwarding agents.
  • Ensures that it has been processed at the Export Office, Infac Centre, Bonding Division or BOI Office.
  • Register the documents in the register maintained at the CFS. Carries out examination of the cargo pertaining to the export Cusdecs which are marked as “cargo to be examined”.
  • Once the cargo is loaded to the container and having been satisfied that the contents tally with the export Cusdec, seal the container with customs and agent seals and make endorsements on the reverse of the security copy entering the container number, quantity, agent’s seal number, and customs seal number.
  • Hands over the duly endorsed documents to the officer-in-charge of CFS
  • for removal of the container to the port for shipment.
  • Maintains a register with relevant details given in the CDN and CusDecs.
  • Submits monthly progress report to the DDC (Export)

Stuffing of the Local Export Cargo

CFS will receive “Cargo stuffing plan” from the shipping line/consolidator. Stuffing will be done according to the said “ cargo stuffing plan:” under Customs supervision. The CFS will prepare CDNN for each container and attach the tally sheet and the security copy of the Cusdec. Once satisfied the ASCC shall handover duly endorsed documents to the officer-in-charge of CFS for removal of the container to the port for shipment.

Consolidation of Local Cargo

ASCC at CFS shall receive "cargo stuffing plan" from the shipping line / consolidator.

  • Stuffing shall be done under Customs supervision.
  • The staff of the CFS shall prepare CDN for each container and submit it to the ASC(CFS ) for endorsement along with relevant security copies.

Stuffing and exporting of Bonded cargo along with local Cargo
  • Processed re-bond Cusdec at Colombo Bonds Division or BOI Office or any other relevant Office shall be submitted to the ASC of the relevant Container Freight Station. On satisfaction the ASC shall allow the cargo for stuffing into container for re-export.
  • In the same manner stuffing of local cargo shall be allowed based on the duly processed export Cusdec at the Export Office.
  • On completion of stuffing of cargo the security copies of the Cusdecs (Bonds & Export) along with the Cargo Dispatch Notes (CDNN) shall be submitted to the ASC at CFS. On satisfaction ASC (CFS) shall make an appropriate endorsements on the reverse side of the Security copies and approve transfer of the container to the port for export;

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