HR Directorate

Foreign Training

Foreign Study Tours, Seminars, Workshops, Post Graduate Degree Program Meetings/Training Courses etc.

*Sponsored by COM & C Fund and Transnational Agencies.

  • 1. Anticipated Post Graduate Degree programs.
    • 1.1 Masters Degree programs offered by National Graduate Institute of Policy Studies in Japan (GRIPS).
    • 1.2 Joint Japan/World Bank Master’s Degree programs.

  • 2. Anticipated Trainings, Tours, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Meetings.
    • 2.1 Information Management Sub-Committee Meeting (IMSC Meeting) & WCO Data Model Project Team Meeting- Brussels
    • 2.2 Asian Export Control Seminar- Different Locations
    • 2.3 ASYCUDA WORLD Internship Program- Brussels
    • 2.4 Session of the Harmonized System Committee WCO- Brussels
    • 2.5 Session of the Enforcement Committee (EC), WCO- Brussels
    • 2.6 Session of the Technical Committee on Customs Valuation (TCCV), WCO- Brussels
    • 2.7 International Export Control Conference- Different Locations
    • 2.8 WCO, IT Conference & Exhibition- Brussels
    • 2.9 UNESCAP Single Window Implementation Activities- Different Locations
    • 2.10 WCO/Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on Rules of Origin- Different Locations
    • 2.11 WCO, RTC Seminar on Single Window & Customs Automation- Brussels
    • 2.12 Regional Training for Drugs Law Enforcement Officers- Different Locations
    • 2.13 Session of the customs co-operation council WCO- Brussels
    • 2.14 WCO Regional Workshop on Countering Drug Smuggling by Air Passengers- Brussels
    • 2.15 WCO Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar on Customs Modernization- Brussels
    • 2.16 RILO NCP Meeting- Different Locations
  • *The allocations above may be changed as per the requests

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