HR Directorate


As a matter of policy, the following principles will guide the organization of training in Customs department.

  • Training will be focused on building the competencies of individual employees by providing them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to do their jobs in an effective and holistic manner.
  • Training will be focused on improving the department’s overall performance vis-à-vis the key performance indicators/outcome indicators and will source or design, develop and implement necessary training to ensure that as a whole, the staff are equipped to fulfill the department’s mandate, in the context of a forward looking, public service oriented, revenue collecting department.
  • In the interests of the greater good of the people and efficient use of public funds, the need for training in order to effectively implement the Department’s mandate, strategies, structure and functions will be the priority basis for selecting employees for training and will take precedence over seniority.
  • In the interest of the greater good of the people and efficient use of public funds, training will be provided in order to build competencies and will not be provided as a prerequisite or a benefit.
  • As the depository of new knowledge, the Training Division is committed to exploring new avenues for training, including new methods in the design and conduct of study courses.
  • The department encourages employees to take greater responsibility for acquiring competencies needed for their professional and career development.
  • Training will have a clear linkage to performance management, career development and succession planning.

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