HR Directorate

Training Programme Index

  • 1. In House Programme
    • 1.1 Programme No. LOC/I/001 - Awareness Programme on Investigation, Valuation,Classification/ Post Auditing/Plant and Animal quarantine
    • 1.2 Programme No. LOC/I/002- Skills Development Programme for Appraiser
    • 1.3 Programme No. LOC/I/003- Role of the Newly Appointed ACOO
    • 1.4 Programme No. LOC/I/004- New Technique in Changing Functions in Preventive Division
    • 1.5 Programme No. LOC/I/005- Programme Global Shield
    • 1.6 Programme No. LOC/I/006- Computer Forensics
    • 1.7 Programme No. LOC/I/007- Risk Management
    • 1.8 Programme No. LOC/I/008- Gemology Diploma Course
    • 1.9 Programme No. LOC/I/009- Criminology Course
    • 1.10 Programme No. LOC/1/010- Awareness Programme for ICC
    • 1.11 Programme No. LOC/1/011- Awareness Programme on modern Customs Activity
    • 1.12 Programme No. LOC/1/012- Self Defense Course for Customs Officers Inspector of Customs, Customs Guards
    • 1.13 Programme No. LOC/1/013- Body Language and Micro Expression
    • 1.14 Programme No. LOC/1/014- Induction Training for Newly Appointed ASCC
    • 1.15 Programme No. LOC/1/015- Induction Training for Newly Appointed ICC
    • 1.16 Programme No. LOC/1/016- Induction Training for Newly Appointed Custom Guards
    • 1.17 Programme No. LOC/1/017- Awareness Programme for Bio Diversity & Cultural Heritage
    • 1.18 Programme No. LOC/1/018- Awareness Programme for Staff Officers on Customs Inquiry procedure

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