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Entrepot Scheme


Operational Procedure


Application form

An application with necessary information as given below shall be made at the Monitoring and Entrepôt Branch (SC/DDC) for approval upon assessment of the same prior to making the Customs declaration for the same.


  • Application to Customs (I&S) on each import giving the following particulars:
    • Import and Export vessel Names, voyage numbers, dates,
    • Import bill of lading number,
    • Description and quantity of goods,
    • Import commercial invoice number and the date,
    • Import value of the goods (CIF),
    • Destination of re-export,
    • Re-export value of the goods (FOB) and the gain,
    • Undertaking to re-export within the granted period or to pay Customs Duty and Levies and remove the goods for home use,
    • Confirmation of the warehousing space allocation from the bondsman (e.g. SLPA),
  • If the application is succesful, presently the warehouse code 7301142/7301127 for CFS3/CFS5 is linked to the TIN of the applicant for a period of one month.