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Item No 28. Antiques showcase

28.1. Water Pichers with handles-Brass-18th-19th century .CE

Brass water pitcher with a handle used by Hindu religious prelates.

28.2.Chunam Containers -Copper-18thCentury .CE

Made out of copper with brass decorations, these Antique Chunam containers have a chain and a spoon each and dates back to 18th century AD. It was a popular habit of the people including the royalty, especially in South and South-East Asian countries to use a small container to preserve chunam as a part of betel chewing tradition. Detected while attempting to export.

Detecting Officer: Mr. P.K.P.P. De Silva (ASC)

28.3.Trinket box-Animal bone with brass Ornamental-19th Century .CE

Made of animal bone with brass ornamentation and the centre of the lid being fitted with carnelian bead. This trinket box is used for storing precious artefacts and is possibly of Indian origin. Belonging to19th century AD. Detected while attempting to export.

28.4.Decorated Chank-18th-19th Century .CE

Chank decorated using gem studded carved silver clips and believed to be dating back 200 years. Detected while a couple from Surinam attempted to smuggle out this decorated chank concealed in their passenger luggage to Paris at Bandaranayake International Airport violating the Customs Ordinance read with Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.

Detecting Officer :Mr.SamanthaGunasekara.(SC)

28.5.Areca Nut Cutters-Ivory and metal

Ivory Areca Nut Cutters are used in the betel-chewing sub culture as an illustration of the social status of the user. This Indian Areca Nut Cutter has carved ivory handles with steel blades and is a modern imitation of traditional cutters.

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