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Item No 17. Dutch Box (Pettagama)-Wood-18th-19th Century .CE

ItemsOne No. of Wooden Dutch Box with Ebony Carvings
SizeH - 96cm, W - 64cm, L - 101cm
Texture / MaterialWooden with Ebony & Brass Carvings
DescriptionAntique Wooden Chest with Ebony Carvings.Detected while trying to export to France by a foreigner.The item expected to be antique which belongs to Kandy period.
Detecting Officer(s)R.S. Gunasekara (SC)
PlaceUnicol Cargo Exports yard
Modus operandiFalse Declaration, Concealment
OffenceViolation of Customs Ordinance, Antiquities Ordinance
ResultRS.75000/= Penalty Imposed & Goods were Forfeited

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