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Item No 16. Female Divinity-Bronze-Alloy and solid cast-19th Century .CE

Alloy and solid cast female divinity standing in a relaxed position.

Vivacious looking female divinity with a coy facial expression. Seemed to have held some sort of object (now missing) in the right hand while standing in a tribhanga pose, the divinity seems to wear a smooth cloth down to the ankle and held in position by a girdle. The hair is woven in a plait and falls down from behind. The abstract features including the breasts are somewhat modern looking and cannot go beyond 19th century in its production.

This statue was detected in a courier service at Ja-Ela, while being attempted to smuggle out to USA by a foreign national in year 2009, violating the Customs Ordinance read with Antiquities Ordinance. Additionally, penalty of Rs.100,000/= was also imposed. (Customs Case Number BPU/CASE/2009/01)

Detecting Officer :Mr.B.S.S.Perera(ASC)

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