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Item No 31. Kasthana Swords

31.1. Kastana Sword and Scabbards-18th-19thCentury .CE

ItemsTwo Scabbards and one Kasthana Sword
SizeKasthana Sword - 55cm x (9cm-11cm)
Silver scabbard - 42cm x (5cm - 7cm)
Gold Plated scabbard - 44cm x (5cm - 7cm)
Texture / MaterialSteel Blade with Silver Handle, One silver Scabbard and one Gold plated scabbard.
DescriptionOne Kasthana sword and two scabbards were attached. One scabbard is made of silver and the other one is gold plated. Handle of the Kasthana sword and Scabbards are beautifully carved with Kandian Arts embedded with gemstones. Detected at BIA Katunayake.
Detecting OfficerOn information received from Ms. V. Murugesu (Aviation Security)
PlaceBIA Katunayake
Modus operandiConcealment in personal luggage
OffenceViolation of Customs Ordinance, Antiquities Ordinance
ResultGoods were Forfeited

31.2. Fighting Sword-18th-19th Century .CE

A Kandian fighting sword and believed to be from 18th or 19th century.

Since these items are of antique value, exportation of the same is prohibited under Custom Ordinance read with Antiquities Ordinance.

31.3.Indian - Arabic Sword-18th-19th Century .CE

Indian-Arabic sword with scabbard with the hilt made out of bone which is a substitute for elephant ivory.

31.4 Kris Knife (Kasthana Knife) Late 19th Century .CE

Short Kris knife popularly used in the Kandian period (18th century AD) and ivory handle fitted with silver knob fixed with carnelian bead.

This was detected at Departure Terminal of Bandaranayake International Airport while attempting to smuggle out concealed inside passenger baggage to Paris by a couple of Surinam origin violating the Customs Ordinance read with Antiquities Ordinance.

Detecting Officer: Mr. Samantha Gunasekara (SC)

31.5. Knives with Carved Ivory handle-18th-19th Century .CE

Size43 cm x 4.5 cm & 50 cm x 8 cm
DescriptionThe head (handle) of the dagger and pointed tools were made from carved ivory.
Modus operandiNon- declaration in personal baggage
PlaceBaggage office
OffenceViolation of Customs Ordinance, Antiquities Ordinance, Fauna & Flora Protection Ordinance

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