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Item No 22. Reliquary show case

22.1 Ola Leaf Writing tool kits-18th -19th Century .CE

A set of equipment styled with carved ivory handles used for writing on palm leaf or metal plaque manuscripts. Detected while attempting to export.

22.2 Kuddaka Nikaya

ItemsManuscript of Khuddaka Nikaya
MaterialOla leaf manuscripts
SizeLength: 210cm
Width: 135cm
Texture / MaterialAnimal Skin
DescriptionLeopard is a critically endangered (CR) and endemic subspecies, contains in the CITES Appendix (1). This species is threatened with extinction and prohibits commercial international trade in specimens of these species. Leopards have been hunted to made clothes, carpets, wall coverings from their skin.
Detecting Officer(s)
PlaceParcel Post (GPO)
Modus operandiAttempt to smuggle by Parcel post
OffenceProhibited items under Customs Ordinance and Fauna & Flora protection Ordinance
ResultItem was forfeited

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