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Item No 23.Storage Jar - Plain red ware -1th-2nd century .CE

Plain Red Ware; Wheel thrown: low fired
Orifice Diameter: 27cm
Vessel Height: 55cm
Unstratified; Historical period.

This is a huge storage jar; deep ovaloid body; paddle formed bulging body; saggy base; thickened rim; restricted orifice; paddle impressions all over the exterior surface; this vessel form circulated from early Anuradhapura period to colonial period; The function of this primarily storing goods or water (secondary storing short/long term); Analogous local (vernacular) name is baraniya; this form classified as 1 - 0:6 (ovaloid), according to its inferred total vessel shape. (MUNSELL soil color reference is 10YR 5/6 yellowish brown).

Donated by: Mr. AriyadasaRathnayake, Katharagama.

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