Policy Planning and Research Directorate

Major Functions

Major Functions of the Policy, Planning and Research Directorate can be broadly classified into four parts


  • Implementation of Tarrif policy decisions, formulated by the Treasury through departmental orders (DOPLs)
  • Formulation and implementation of Customs policy through departmental orders (DOPLs)
  • Update and maintain the Import Tarrif Guide.
  • Publish National Import Tariff Guide in both book form and CD form for the benefit of public and staff.
  • Preparation of the Annual Action Plan of the Department.
  • Preparation of Annual Performance Report of the Department by reviewing the progress of the respective Directorates.
  • Preparation and updating of Manual of Procedure.
  • Preparation and publishing of Rates of Exchange notifications.
  • Attend of public Relations and Customs Information Center.



  • Act as the contact point for the World Customs Organization (WCO), WCO Asia Pacific Office, World Trade Organization (WTO), other International Organizations and Customs Administrations by attending to correspondence and related matters.
  • Attend to matters relating to Customs Corporation and Mutual Administrative Assistance Agreements with other Customs Administrations.
  • Attend to matters related to Preferential Trade Agreement (PTAs) and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
  • Organize the World Customs Day function annually.



  • Conduct research on matters related to tariff, trade and clearance procedures etc.


Policy Matters

  • Assist the Ministry of Finance in creating national sub divisions in the Harmonized System and when necessary in formulating the tariff policy.


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