Policy Planning and Research Directorate


This directorate act as the main publisher of the Department. The publications include policy decisions, instructions procedures, Forms & Documents, Duty Rate, Fees & Chargers, classification & valuation rulings, guidelines to the internal staff and information to the general public. Following publications are done in addition to the information given to the general public through the Information Center maintained at the ground floor of the Customs Headquarters Building.

  • Departmental Orders

    These are instructions and guidelines to the internal staff on new policy & procedures to be followed. (This is considered to be the main official communication to the staff). Policy matters include tariff rate changes and Customs exchange rates in the form of Revenue Protection Orders initiated at General Treasury, WCO Notifications on new procedures and changes to the existing procedures, originated at the respective divisions of Customs and at times, at different government authorities for which Customs act as main controlling body. At the PP&R Directorate they take the form of an official circular. Rate of Exchange notifications issued weekly and rates are applicable from Monday to next Sunday for all currency conversions related to Customs transactions.

  • Customs Tariff Guide

    Based on the World Customs Organizations' Harmonized System Nomenclature the Import & Export tariff guide is published by the PP&R Division. Applicable duty rates and control measures, originate at the Trade and Investment Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance. This annual publication is generally prepared after the national budget and subsequent amendments are published as Departmental Orders. This publication is in the Public domain.

  • Annual Action Plan

    This is an annual distribution prepared by the PP&R Directorate indicating the work plan for the year ahead and available in public domain.

  • Annual Performance Report

    This annual publication is compiled by the PP&R Directorate and it indicates the successes and failures of the department, according to the plan and also available in public domain.

  • Customs Ordinance

    The Customs Ordinance incorporating all the amendments published in time to time is a guide for reference to the internal staff only. The official publication is available at the Government Publication Bureau.

  • Manual of Procedure

    These are specific guideline for this internal staff on the various procedures adopted at different Directorates.

  • Information Center

    The information center located at the ground floor of the Headquarters Building of Customs provides information to the general public as well as Customs House Agents in person and over the phone. General public can obtain information on various Customs procedures, duty rates, classification advices and tender sale details. Customs House Agents also obtain primary advices on classification issues from this division.

  • GIC web site

    The Customs Department Page of the Government Information Center web site is regularly updated with information by the PP&R Directorate. This web site provides information to the local and international community regarding Customs procedures, Duty & Fees levies, forms and documents and guidelines.

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