Preventive Directorate

Branches of Preventive Directorate

The Preventive Directorate is one of the Directorate that come under the Enforcement Cluster and is headed by the Director of Customs (Preventive). It is further divided into five divisions under Deputy Directors (DDC)

DDC (Preventive Admin)

Preventive Admin Branch

Preventive Admin Branch attends to the Human Resource Management of the Preventive Directorate. Internal Transfers, Disciplinary matters and appointing for the training etc of the officers and other staff are handled by this division

SPO (Naikanda)

Surveillance of the Katunayake Area included the BIA is covered by this office. The movement of cargo, inward and outward through air cargo and the operations of the BOI are being kept under strict scrutiny and several cases of frauds have been apprehended recently.

Out Ports

The ports that come under the Preventive Directorate are situated in Negombo, Beruwala and Sinnapadu. The offices act as the surveillance arm of the Preventive Directorate in relavent areas.

DDC (Preventive Surveillance)

Preventive Investigation Branch

The cases which need expertise and experience in the investigations are handled by this branch. Investigations pertainning to any cases initiated by any branch of the Directorate, if they need to be deeply and thoroughly investigated, will be handled over to Investigation Branch

Marine Division

The out harbour vessel operations in the Port of Colombo and the matters realted to the oil bunkering of vessels are being handled by the Marine Division at the moment. A fleet of new vessels to be purchased soon and fulltime marine operations will commence thereafter

Mobile Unit

This unit specifically monitors the movement of containers and LCL cargo and detains any suspicious consignments and causes investigations. It also monitors whether the containers have reached their assigned destinations. (GL 1 && GL 11 )

DDC (Preventive Coordination)

Operations Division

All cases produced by outside establishments are taken over and handled by this Division. All operational work within the Port of Colombo is also handled by this Division.

P Branch

All cases are registered at P Branch and the central case register of the Preventive Directorate is maintained at this Branch. Reward distribution of all cases finalized with proceeds is carried out by the officers of this unit. P Branch is the custodian of all finalized Preventive case files.

Gate Office

Monitoring and Deploying of staff to the all the Gates of the Colombo seaport as well as the Preventive Gates within the close proximity is the main task of the Gates office. Smooth and rapid movement of consignments through the gates is ensured by this Office

Preventive Sales Division

All goods forfeited by the Preventive Directorate are prepared and listed for disposal by this unit. They are the custodian of keys of all the Preventive Warehouses and yards.

DDC (Cetral Disposal)
Central Disposal Unit

Central Disposal unit attends to the disposal of all the goods forfeited by any Division of the Customs Department. Goods are disposed by Tender sale/ Auction and goods not fit for human consumption are destroyed.

Orugodawatte Preventive Yard

Containers forfeited by the Preventive Branches are secured in this yard

DDC (Preventive Examination)
Preventive Examination yard (Gray Line 11 Yard at Grandpass)

All the containers detained and needed to examined by the Preventive Directorate are transferred to this yard to be examined by the officers of this Division.

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