Central Cargo Examination Directorate

Central Cargo Examination Directorate is mainly responsible for examination of sea cargo imported into the country either as Full Container Loads (FCL), as Less than Container Loads (LCL) or bulk cargo in order to ensure recovery of due revenue and compliance with prohibitions and restrictions imposed by the laws. In addition it is responsible for striking a balance between trade facilitation and control by facilitating legitimate trade through implementing an effective risk management system for arresting illegal imports of sea cargo.


Central Cargo Examination Division examines sea cargo at landing points in Colombo Port and Inland Clearance Depots outside the Colombo Port. FCL cargo is examined in Grayline Yard I, Grayline Yard II and Rank Container Terminal. LCL cargo is examined either at New Nuge Road warehouse or landing points; Bandaranayake Quay, Jaya Container Terminal (JCT). The selectivity of cargo for examination is performed based on associated risk by the Senior Deputy Directors attached to Screening Unit of Cargo Examination Directorate. It is performed based on automated risk criterion that are set by the Risk Management Committee, chaired by the Director General of Customs and intelligence and intuition of senior Deputy Directors attached to Screening Unit. Depending on the level of associated risk, the high risk FCL cargo is directed to High Risk Cargo Unit at Grayline Yard I, the medium risk cargo is directed to examination points at Grayline Yard I or II, and the low risk cargo is directed to Rank Container Terminal (RCT). As step of facilitation of legitimate trade, the low risk-FCL cargo is further directed for scanning to expedite clearance with minimum examination. In addition, the consignments of single commodity with bulk of containers are released on Green Chanel from Cargo Examination Main Office as another step of facilitation of legitimate trade. There are four scanners in place as facilitation tools for 24 hours operation at Colombo Port and Rank Container Terminal.


The scope of examination is not limited to the sea cargo imported for home use. The sea cargo imported for industries operating under the Board of Investment (BOI), Temporary Importation for Export Programme (TIEP) and importation under Customs Bonded Scheme are also subjected to examination.


Dedicated to protect society, economy and environment of the country, contributing for collection of due revenue to the state and facilitating legitimate trade.


Dedicated examination of high risk cargo while examination of low risk cargo through scanning and random check.


  • Ensure collection of due revenue on imports of sea cargo.
  • Ensure implementation of prohibitions and restrictions as imposed by laws.
  • Facilitation of legitimate trade.

Goods Imported for home use


Goods Imported under Bonds/TIEP/INFAC Scheme


Goods Imported under BOI

  • Prohibitions and restrictions and power of Parliment to add thereto. Section 12 of Customs Ordinance
  • Goods in Warehouses to be liable to the duties imposed by the ordinance Section 13 of Customs Ordinance
  • Definition of time of an importation and of and exportation Section 16 of Customs Ordinance
  • Importer to deliver bill of entry together with other documents (CusDec) Section 47 of Customs Ordinance
  • Entry of bill of sight Section 49 of Customs Ordinance
  • Entry of re-imported goods by bill of store Section 53 & 54 of Customs Ordinance

Required Documents

Delivery copy of the processed CusDec with supporting documents in terms of Section 47 of Customs Ordinance.

Supporting Documents

  • Bill of Lading
  • Delivery Order
  • Invoices
  • Value Declaration
  • Packing List
  • Catalogues/ Literature/ Manufactory process of the product
  • Relevant licenses Certificates and approvals when applicable
  • Panel Examination Form

Required Forms for Cargo Examination

DCDirector of Customs
DDCDeputy Director of Customs
SCSuperintendent of Customs
AppraiserOfficer Appraise the CusDec (Deputy Superintendent of Customs)
DSCDeputy Superintendent of Customs
CICChief Inspector of Customs
ICInspector of Customs
RCTRank Container Terminal
HRCHigh Risk Cargo
GL IGrayline I Yard
GL IIGrayline II Yard
CVTCargo Verfication Terminal
NNRNew Nuge Road Warehouse
JCTJaya Container Terminal
KKKochchikade warehouse
GPGuide Pier
PVQPrince Vijaya Quay
DOC CenterDocumentation Center
BQBandaranayake Quay
LRLong Room (CusDec processing office)
BONDSCustoms Bonding Division
TIEPTemporary Importation for Export purpose
INFACInvestor Facilitation Center
FCLFull Container Load
LCLLess Container Load
COCustoms Ordinance

Postal Address

Sri Lanka Customs
Cargo Examination Main Office
Rank Container Terminal
No 246
Avissawella Road

Contact Telephone Numbers

Main Office

  • Director of Customs – Office +94 11 4625412 Fax +94 11 4625448
  • Deputy Director of Customs – Office +94 11 4625408
  • Superintendent of Customs – +94 11 4625410
  • OIC – +94 11 4625407

Grayline I Yard – Orugodawatta – FCL Cargo

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 4011239
  • Superintendent of Customs – +94 11 4062233

Grayline II Yard – Grandpass – FCL Cargo

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 5769516/+94 11 5765521
  • Superintendent of Customs – +94 11 4619744/+94 11 4619612/+94 11 5765648/576/576513 Fax : +94 11 4619612

High Risk Cargo Unit – FCL Cargo

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 4004118

NNR Yard – Peliyagoda – LCL Cargo

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2949190

Jaya Container Terminal (JCT) – LCL Cargo/ Bulk Cargo

Guide Pier/ Kochchikade W/H PVQ W/H

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2438089
  • Superintendent of Customs – +94 11 2438089

Bandaranayake Quay W/H (BQ) – LCL Cargo

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2665528
  • Superintendent of Customs – Ext 2305

Container Verfication Terminal (CVT) BOI Cargo

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2524559

Screening Branch (L/R)

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2323763/+94 11 2337075

Screening Branch (L/R) (TIEP/Bonds/INFAC)

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2342507

Screening Branch (Doc Center) (BOI)

  • Deputy Director of Customs

Screening Branch (JCT)

  • Deputy Director of Customs – +94 11 2323763