Customs Museum

All the items at the museum were detected by the Sri Lanka Customs, while being attempted to smuggle out to foreign countries, violating the Customs Ordinance read with Antiquities Ordinance.

Godawaya Stone Inscription

Python Skin - Attempt to Import by Personal luggage

Leopard Skin - Attempt to smuggle by Parcel post

Wooden Cupboard with Ebony Carvings -18th -19th Century

Female Divinity-Bronze-Alloy and solid cast-19th Century

Dutch Box (Pettagama)-Wood-18th-19th Century

Writing Bureau-With Ebony Carvings-17th Century

Statue of Goddess Parvathi(Bronze)-Solid cast-Pre Modern Sculpture

Standing Buddha Statue -Ivory-18th Century

Standing Buddha Statue -Brass-19th Century

Recumbent Buddha Statue-Brass-20th Century

Seated Buddha Statue -Brass-19th Century

Seated Buddha Under Cobra Head Ebony-20th Century

Sacred Ritual Ring (Bronze)-9th-10th Century

Seated Buddha Statue (Gilded Bronze)-12th-14th Century

Seated Buddha Statue - (Gilded Bronze Statue) - Late 18th Century

Seated Buddha Statue Under "Makara"arch -19th Century

Seated Buddha Statue -Brass-12th Century

Seated Buddha Statue -Bronze-18th Century

Seated Budha Statue -Bronze-18th Century

Seated Buddha Statue -Bronze-18th Century

Copper pot (Storage Jar)-18th-19th century

Ola Leaf Writing tool kits-18th -19th Century

Kuddaka Nikaya

Storage Jar - Plain red ware -1th-2nd century

Storage Jar (Baraniya)-Plain red ware-Anuradhapura period

Storage Jar (Baraniya) - Plain red ware -17th-18th century

Golo Lamps-Glass-19th Century

English Ceramic Plate-19th century

Chinaware-15th-16th century

Chinaware-15th-16th century

Pot-(Muttiya) - Plain red ware -Anuradhapura period

Water Pichers with handles-Brass-18th-19th century

Chunam Containers -Copper-18th Century

Trinket box-Animal bone with brass Ornamental-19th Century

Decorated Chank-18th-19th Century

Areca Nut Cutters-Ivory and metal

Standing Buddha Statue -Brass-19th Century

Water Fountain

Kastana Sword and Scabbards-18th-19th Century

Fighting Sword-18th-19th Century

Indian - Arabic Sword-18th-19th Century

Kris Knife (Kasthana Knife) Late 19th Century

Customs Flag-H.M.Customs

'Somana' Cloth-18th-19th Century

Water Container-Redware

Peacock Feather Fans

Snake Wine

Stuffed Golden Pheasant

Rhino Horn

Black Coral

Preserved Green Turtles

Preserved Hawksbill Turtle

Sandlewood (Santalum album)

Red Sanders (Ptlerocarpus santalinum)

Sri Lankan Agarwood (Gyrinops walla)

Edible Bird’s Nests

Elephant Tusks

Ivory Elephants

Ivory Carvings

Preserved Butterfly Frames

Ivory Necklaces

Turtle Shell Ornaments

Elephant Hair Silver Jewellery