Bonded Operation

How to register a Bond?

  • Private Bonds – Warehouses owned by Private Companies to store goods without payment of duties and taxes under Customs purview
  • Public Bonds – Warehouses woned by Sri Lanka Ports Authority to store goods without payment of duties and taxes under Custosm purview.
  • TIEP I – Facilitates the import of goods for manufacturing, processing or assembling for export on conditional relief from payment of import Duties and Taxes
  • TIEP IV – Facilitates the import of Capital and Intermediate Goods used for the manufacture of products and services for export, on whole or partial exemption of Customs Duties and Levies
  • IG – Facilitates the import of goods for export purposes which does not qualify under TIEP – I, or TIEP -IV
  • Entrepot – Facility to import manufactured or unmanufactured goods from one party of other country on free of Customs duty and other levies for Re-export to a third party of any country as imported or after simple processing (re-packing, re-labeling etc) with a value addition
  • INFAC – Facility provided by the Ministry of Commerce for Non – BOI Apparel Industries to import raw materials and accessories under duty free basis and manufacture and export.

What requirement should I meet to have a Bonding facility?

What are the available Bonded schemes? (TIEP I/ TIEP IV/ Entreport etc) ?

What guarantee should I keep?

What are the Customs charges ?

How do I pay ? (Payment Instructions, E-Payment facility)

How to obtain access to ASYCUDA World? (Forms, Guidelines etc.)

What declarations should I made to Customs (To Bond/ Ex Bond/ Re Bond/ etc) ?

What are my legal obligations as a Bondsman? (Sec 72-100)

Are there any restrictions/ prohibitions ?

What would happen if I breach the law?

Whom should I contact in case of any doubt?