Exporting Goods

How do I get registered with Customs? (Forms,Instructions)

All Customs House Agents registration details could be found at  TIN / VAT Unit > CHA Registration

How to obtain access to ASYCUDA World? (Forms, Guidelines etc.)

How should I declare the Export consignment to Customs?

When should I submit the Export Entry?

Where should I process these CusDecs?

How can I find the correct HS Code? (Tariff Guide, Advance ruling…)

What are the Customs charges I need to pay?

Do I need to pay any Export Levies?

What would be my Export Levies?

How do I pay (Payment instructions, E-Payment facility)?

Will my consignment be subjected for examination ?

What are the permits should I obtain before export of commodities?

Can I send and receive any machinery or equipment after repairs without paying duties and other levies?

How I can get a Export (Shipment effected) Certificate?

Whom should I contact in case of any doubt?