Exporting Goods

How do I get registered with Customs? (Forms,Instructions)

All Customs House Agents registration details could be found at  TIN / VAT Unit > CHA Registration

All Asycuda registration information will be found at ICT Directorate > Registration > Exporters

Export consignments should be declared to the Customs and submit a Customs Declaration online once the Exporter is ready to do the export. Either Customs House Agent or Exporter can be the declarant.

The Customs Declaration(CusDec) should be submitted before export of goods (after obtaining necessary approvals when necessary). However Export should be effected within 30 days from the CusDec registration date.

Export CusDecs could be processed at following 3 offices.

  • Export Office at Customs Headquarters – Specially LCL cargo and Air Freight Cargo
  • Export Facilitation Centre (EFC) – FCL cargo (when necessary LCL cargo)
  • Air Cargo Export Office – All air freight cargo shipments including perishables

HS Code could be found in the Tariff Guide in Sri Lanka Customs website. Further assistance could be obtained from the Customs Information Centre and the Commodity Classification Branch.

Rs. 550/- (Computer Fee – Rs. 250/- and Examination Fee – Rs. 300/-) should be paid for each declaration.

A few commodities are liable for exports levies depending on the commodity and the HS Code. Customs Duty, EDB Cess, Tea Board Cess, Tea Medical Aid Cess, Coconut Cess and Rubber Cess should be paid according to the declared rates.

Once the HS code is identified, the duty rates applicable for each and every HS code is mentioned in the National Export Tariff Guide.

Payment can be made at any Bank of Ceylon Branch or People’s Bank branch or the payment can be made online if the consignee has internet payment facility. Payment can also be made at the Customs Headquarters Banks by Bank Drafts/ Bank Branch Cheques.

Depending on the commodity and other risk management criteria, goods will be selected under three categories as Exempted, Panel Examination and Cargo to be Examined. Selected consignments under Panel Examination and Cargo to be Examined categories are subjected for the examination where as the selected consignments under Exempted category are released to export without examination.

Permits mentioned in National Export Tariff Guide should be obtained from respective institutes before exportation. Further details could be found at Licenses/Approvals of OGAs

FRIC (Free Re-Importation Certificate) should be obtained before export of such items from the Export Office of the Customs Headquarters. After arrival, such item could be cleared without paying duties subject to identification of the item.

By submitting written request and relevant export documents you can obtain a Export (Shipment effected) Certificate.

You can contact Customs Information counter or Export Directorate over the phone (0112143434-Information Center) in case of any doubt about export matters. Contact details could be found at Contacts.