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Sri Lanka Customs is one of the oldest Customs administrations in the world which celebrated its 200 years in 2009. However, there is evidence of the existence of Customs tax collection in Sri Lanka over 2000 years ago at the Godawaya Harbor in Hambanthota.

The Director General of Customs is assisted by five Additional Director Generals and there are over two thousand employees working for the Department.

Sri Lanka Customs History

Sri lanka Customs is one of the oldest government departments, established in the year 1806. With the introduction of Customs Ordinance, it developed into a full-pledged state organization mainly responsible for the collection of revenue and the enforcement of law.

Our functions

  • Collection of revenue
  • Prevention of revenue leakages and other frauds
  • Facilitation of legitimate trade
  • Collection of import and export data to provide statistics.
  • Cooperation and coordination with other Government Departments and stakeholders in respect of imports and exports.

Strategic Plan 2024-2028


Secure and prosperous nation through strong borders


Providing world-class Customs service to secure revenue, protect the environment and society, and promote the seamless flow of trade and travel, with integrity and professionalism


Professionalism    We take pride in delivering a high-quality service
Integrity         We foster honest and ethical behavior
Accountability     We take responsibility for what we do
Transparency      We maintain openness & predictability
Innovation         We pursue novelty
Teamwork         We trust the spirit of unity

Sri Lanka Customs Anthem

Sri Lanka Customs Headquarters Layout