Director General of Customs – Mr. P.B.S.C. Nonis


Sarath Nonis stands as a seasoned luminary in the realm of public service, boasting an illustrious career spanning over three decades across pivotal government roles. Currently adorned with the distinguished title of Director General at Sri Lanka Customs, he wields direct authority over revenue collection, enforcement of pertinent laws, and the adept administration of a workforce exceeding two thousand.

His journey commenced with an honors degree in Business Administration from the prestigious University of Sri Jayewardenepura, coupled with a coveted Licentiate Certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. A recipient of the esteemed AUSAID scholarship, Sarath pursued a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

Embarking on his public service odyssey in 1988 as an Audit Examiner at the Auditor General’s Department, Sarath’s trajectory propelled him to the Sri Lanka Accountant’s Service in 1997. Swiftly ascending through the ranks, he became an Assistant Secretary to the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources in 1998, later transitioning to the Ministry of Finance. There, he left an indelible mark in pivotal departments such as Fiscal Policy and Economic Affairs, and Trade Tariff and Investment Policy.

Distinguished by his role as the first Comptroller General of Sri Lanka in 2017, Sarath was charged with the mission of ensuring the efficient, effective, and economical utilization of government assets. His innovative approach included the establishment of a central database for non-financial government assets, aiming to forestall mismanagement and waste.

Elevated subsequently to the position of Director General of the Department of National Budget, Sarath’s responsibilities extended to the formulation of the National budget, public expenditure management, and overseeing commercial stores’ limits, public officer’s advance accounts, and budget monitoring.

Noteworthy in his tenure as Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, Sarath navigated intricate defense policy matters. His purview encompassed bilateral and multilateral defense cooperation, military equipment procurement, and the administrative intricacies of tri-service personnel.

He has represented Sri Lanka in international forums such as the IISS Fullerton Forum, IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings, WCO Council sessions, and UN ESCAP meetings on Infrastructure Financing Strategies and has engaged in formulating several trade agreements, such as the Pakistan Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (PSFTA) and Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) negotiations with India.

Beyond his professional exploits, Sarath Nonis finds joy in family life, being married to Achala Rodrigo and blessed with a son and a daughter.