Importing Goods

How do I get registered with Customs? (Forms,Instructions)

All Customs House Agents registration details will find at TIN / VAT / CHA Registration

How to obtain access to ASYCUDA World? (Forms, Guidelines etc.)

How should I declare the Import consignment to Customs?

When should I submit the Import Entry?

How can I find the correct HS Code? (Tariff Guide, Advance Ruling…)

What would be the Customs value for duty calculation?

What would be my Import duty?

What are the customs charges ?

How do I pay (Payment instructions, E-Payment facility)?

What are my legal obligations as an Importer?

What is the procedure for importing a motor vehicle?

What are the restricted/ prohibited articles? (License requirements,)

What would happen if I breach the law?

How can I clear Trade samples?

Whom should I contact in case of any doubt?

How to obtain a Refund/ Rebate?

How to amend a cusdec ?

What are the regulations that govern the submission of manifest?

With regard to Electronic Sea Cargo reporting what is the Regulation that you need to follow?

When do e-manifests for inward sea cargo should be submitted to Sri Lanka Customs?

Who is entitled to submit the e-manifests to Sri Lanka Customs?

Do we need to submit the hard copy of the manifest to the Port Control unit?

What is the action taken against the Cargo Reporters for not adhering to the Gazette Regulations?

Who does the e-manifest amendments in Sri Lanka Customs?

Is there any separate regulations for advance reporting of e-manifests in regard to air cargo consignments?