Importing Goods

How do I get registered with Customs? (Forms,Instructions)

All Customs House Agents registration details will find at TIN / VAT / CHA Registration

All Asycuda registration information will find at ICT Directorate > Registration > Importers

Import consignments should be declared to the customs through a Customs House Agent and submit the Customs Declaration online.

The Customs Declaration(Entry) should be submitted after arrival of goods and also after obtaining the Delivery Order from the Shipping Agent.

You can refer the Tariff Guide to find the HS code and if there is any uncertainty in finding the correct HS code you can obtain an advance ruling from the Commodity Classification Branch.

The Customs value for the duty calculation should be the actual transaction value of the goods and the value for Motor Vehicles is decided by the Valuation committee of the Customs Department

Once the HS code is obtained the duty rates applicable for each and every HS code is mentioned in the Customs Tariff Guide.

In Addition to the charges mentioned in the Tariff Guide, Rs. 250/- is charged for each and every customs declaration as computer Charges and Rs. 100/- per containerized cargo as seal charges and Rs. 1600/- as overtime charges are applicable only for full container load (FCL) cargo.

Payment can be made at any Bank of Ceylon Branch or People’s Bank branch or the payment can be made online if the consignee has internet payment facility with those two Banks. Payment can also be made at the Customs Headquarters Banks by Bank Drafts.

Your legal obligation is to declare all the goods imported correctly and pay the correct amount of duty before the goods are released and taking delivery.

All information will find at Declaration Directorate > Motor Vehicle Unit

If you breach the law , you will be dealt in terms of the Customs Ordinance.

Trade samples can be cleared under No Foreign Exchange (NFE) basis after obtaining the approval from the Director/Deputy Director (Declaration). But, the relevant duty and other levies for the trade sample should be paid to Customs before such goods are cleared from the customs.

You can contact Customs Information counter over the phone (0112143434-Information Centre) in case of any doubt about your import consignment or for any Customs matter.

You have to apply to Refund Branch for any refund or Rebate with relevant documents for the Refund/Rebate.

You have to fill the amendment form and submit to the relevant customs office.

1. Customs Ordinance (Chapter 235)
2. Gazette Notification No. 1886/55 of 31.10.2014

Gazette Notification No. 1886/55 of 31.10.2014

Every cargo reporters shall submit an inward cargo report to Sri Lanka Customs electronically;
(i) not later than seventy two (72) hour period before the arrival in the first port of call in Sri Lanka ; or
(ii) if the duration of the voyage to a port in Sri Lanka is less than seventy two (72) hours, on the departure from the last port outside Sri Lanka.

Every person who holds a valid license issued to carry on the business as a Shipping Agent, Freight Forwarder or Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

No, you need to submit it to the D-Branch

Any cargo reporter who contravenes the provisions of this regulations shall be guilty of an offence and shall on conviction after summery trial by a Magistrate be liable to a fine, not exceeding twenty-five thousand rupees or in imprisonment of either description for a term not exceeding three months or to both such fine and imprisonment.

D-Branch is empowered to do the e-manifest amendments.

Draft regulation has been prepared including sea and air cargo advance reporting of e- manifests and yet to be approved and published.