Motor Vehicle Unit

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A. Importation of a Motor Vehicle

I wish to import a vehicle in to the country. What are the formalities I should follow?

There are several important points you need to remember.

  • The remittance of foreign exchange must be made through a commercial bank on a Letter of Credit, established prior to shipment.
  • The age of the vehicle must be within the permitted limit. (Please refer Table 01 for information on permitted age limits

What are the documents required for the clearance of a vehicle?

B. Customs Duties on Motor Vehicles

How much Customs Duty do I have to pay on the vehicle?

This depends on the value of the particular vehicle and the rates of duties applicable.

  • For information with regard to determination of value of a motor vehicle, please see the answer to the question 04 below.
  • For information with regard to rates of duties, please refer the Customs Tariff Guide published on our main web page.

C. Valuation of Motor Vehicles

How does Customs determine the value for computation of Customs Duties?

Value of motor vehicles falling within HS headings 8702, 8703, 8704, 8705 and 8711, value is determined as follows

  1. In case of a Brand New vehicle imported on an invoice issued or certified by the manufacturers, the transacted value shall be applied.
  2. For all other vehicles, the value shall not be below 85% of the manufacturer’s value, excluding local taxes, of a similar or identical brand new vehicle at the country of export. (Please see Gazette Extraordinary No. 1971/10 of 14.06.2016 for more information)

For other vehicles, applicable value is the transacted value, adjusted according to the provisions of Articles to the WTO Valuation Agreement.

D. Classification of Motor Vehicles

What is a HS Code?

In short, HS stands for Harmonized System. These codes are introduced under Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System formulated by the World Customs Organization, which covers 98% of the world trade. These codes are applied to internationally traded goods for various reasons. The most relevant reason is trade statistics. Also, they help identify local tax rates and legal restrictions and prohibitions on imports. These codes are used by almost all the countries in the world, and help uniform identification of internationally traded commodities, irrespective of language and other trade related barriers.

How do I determine the correct HS Code for my vehicle?

E. Importation of Used vehicle

Can I import a used vehicle?

Yes. But the age must not exceed the permitted limit. (Please see table 01). If the age exceeds the permitted limit, a license from the Controller General of Imports &Exports must be obtained prior to importation.

What are the documents required for the importation of a used vehicle ?

Is there any monetary benefit by way of reduction in Customs Duties when used vehicles are imported?

How does Customs calculate the age of a used vehicle ?

F. Importation of Motor Vehicles on Concessionary Permits

I am going to import a vehicle on my concessionary duty permit. What are the formalities I should follow ?

In addition to the requirements to be fulfilled in importing a vehicle in to the country, as explained before, you must make sure that:

  1. You possess a valid Concessionary permit
  2. The value, as determined in terms of the regulations explained above, is within the permitted limit, at the time of establishment of the relevant letter of credit.
  3. The other conditions relevant to the permit must be fulfilled. (These condition can be found on the permit itself, and the relevant Gazette Notification under which concessionary permits are issued)

G. Importation of motor Vehicles by Sri Lankans Employed overseas.

I am employed overseas. Can I import in to Sri Lanka the car I am currently using in the country of employment?

Yes. However, the vehicle must be within the permitted age limit. If not, a permit from the Controller of Imports & Exports must be obtained prior to importation. Also, if the vehicle is imported on No Foreign Exchange Involved basis, necessary clearance must be obtained from the Controller General of Imports & Exports prior to importation.

Is there any monetary benefit by way of reduction in Customs Duties when such vehicles are imported ?

I am employed overseas. Can I send my car as a gift to a family member in Sri Lanka ?

If so, is there any monetary benefit by way of reduction in Customs duties ?

H. Customs Clearance Process of Motor Vehicles

Can I clear my own vehicle from Customs without the service of a Customs House Agent ?

No. Under the provisions of the Customs ordinance, the Customs clearance documents must be presented and the clearance formalities completed by a licensed Customs House Agent. However, Motor Bicycles brought in as part of unaccompanied personal baggage can be cleared by the passenger without a Customs House Agent.

I. Importation of Motor Bicycles under Duty Free Allowance

I am employed overseas. Am I entitled to bring in a motor bicycle under my baggage allowance and clear it duty free?

Technically, a Motor Bicycle having engine capacity up to 350 cc can be brought in under baggage allowance. However, whether such a motor bicycle can be cleared duty free depends on your duty free allowance entitlement and the valuation of the vehicle. (Please see the answer given to “C” above). If the value of the motor bicycle exceeds the duty free allowance, Customs duty calculated proportionately has to be paid. You are strongly advised to consult the Motor Vehicles Unit before importing such a vehicle, so that you could be aware of the duty liability in advance.

What are the documentary requirements when a motor bicycle is brought in as part of personal baggage ?

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Table 01: Permitted Age Limits

#Description of VehicleSpecificationsHS HeadingAge Limit (Years)
1Road Tractors (Prime Movers)87.015
2Agricultural Tractors87.0110
3Buses (10-12 passengers, including Driver)87.023 ½
4Buses (13-24 passengers, including Driver)87.025
5Buses (25 and above, including Driver)87.0210
6Motor Cars87.033
8Sports Utility Vehicles (Jeeps)87.033
9All-Terrain Vehicles (Beach Bikes)87.033
10Dual Purpose Vehicles (Vans)87.044
11Single Cabs87.044
12Double Cabs87.044
15Motor Homes87.043
16Lorries/ TrucksGVW Less than 5MT87.044
17Lorries/ TrucksGVW above 5MT87.0410
18Refrigerated TrucksGVW less than 5MT87.044
19Refrigerated TrucksGVW over 5MT87.0410
20Milk BowsersGVW less than 5MT87.045
21Milk BowsersGVW over 5MT87.0410
22Garbage TrucksGVW less than 5MT87.045
23Garbage TrucksGVW over 5MT87.0410
24Crane Lorries87.0510
25Mobile Drilling derricks87.057
26Fire Fighting Vehicles87.057
27Concrete Mixer Lorries87.0510
28Mobile Workshops87.057
29Gully Bowsers87.057
30Concrete Pump trucks87.0510
31Motor Bikes87.113