Postal Services

Postal and courier services are offered by the Department of Posts of Sri Lanka and also by several  courier service operators. The department of Customs has deployed it’s officers at the designated locations of these service providers for the Customs clearance of documents, parcels, and samples etc., in tandem with their staff.

Responsible For the Clearance of,
  • Air / Sea parcels Letters and Customs Detained packets
  • Express Mail Service (EMS)
  • Bulk posts (books)
  • Export parcels,
  • Working points:
    • Colombo Central Mail Exchange
    • Galle Kandy
    • Trincomalee
    • Jaffna
    • Katunayake Free Trade Zone
Postal Clearance Procedure
  • Postal Department notifies consignee with Foreign Parcel Notice (POD-3) along with POD31 in triplicate. (POD: Post Office Declaration),
  • Consignee submits FPN  + POD31 to counters,
  • Postal service produce mail for inspection by Customs,
  • Customs appraiser determines tariff applicable,
  • Taxer calculates applicable duties and enters on POD and issue a Duty Receipt to Post Master,
  • Post master collects Customs duties and release the parcel/mail,
  • In respect of BOI/IP/BONDED Clearance, a CusDec shall be produced in addition to POD,
  • Taxer prepares Cash-Sheet and tallies with that of the Post Master at the end of the day.
  • Customs shroff collects the collection on the next working day