Legal Affairs Directorate

Main Functions

  • To advise departmental officers on Legal issues which they could not handle.
  • Liaise with Attorney General’s Department and respective Directorate to facilitate Consultation for Legal matters.
  • To co-ordinate with the Legal Draftsman’s Department regarding Law revision.
  • To monitor, facilitate and guide customs inquiries.
  • Continuous review of Custom Law.
  • To attend to matters relating to International Conventions, Treaties, Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Attend to Courts in any part of the Island when Director General of Customs is summoned in person by such Court unless directed to a particular Directorate.
  • To assist the State Attorneys in the proceedings of Supreme Court and Court of Appeal.
  • Provide round a clock service to provide Legal Opinion in urgent matters, which can be addressed with expertise available with the directorate.
DesignationContact Nos.Email
Office (Direct)Tel: +94 11 2 221 383 , Fax: +94 11 2 143 434 (ext: 7111)
DC (Direct)Tel: +94 11 2 143 434 , Fax: +94 11 2 333 822 (ext: 7100)
DDC (Direct)+94 11 2 333 824
SC (Direct)+94 11 2 143 434 (ext: 7101 , 7102)

1. Who are the parties eligible to seek Assistance from Legal Affairs Directorate?

  • Departmental officers, through their respective DC, who intend to seek further Legal Assistance.
  • All Directorates of Sri Lanka Customs Department on Legal matters related to Legal Representation, Agreements, International Conventions, Treaties, etc.
  • All other State Agencies on Legal matters related to the Customs Department.

2. What are the main areas of Services provided by the Legal Affairs Directorate?
Services are provided by the Legal Affairs Directorate in two main directions as follows:

  • Legal Affairs
  • In this direction, Legal Affairs Directorate undertakes to advise the Customs Department in Legal issues, Coordinate with other institutions related to Legal matters, Study the deficiencies and suggest the improvements required in Legal procedures applied in the Customs Department.
  • Litigation Management
  • In this direction, Legal Affairs Directorate attends Superior Courts for customs related cases and assists other Directorates in Litigation related matters.