Revenue Task Force Directorate

Revenue Task Force (RTF) Directorate is operating under direct supervision of Director General of Customs, Revenue Task Force acts a strike force and be vigilant over all activities of the Customs Department, for promoting integrity and eliminating irregular practices & any other irregularities affecting smooth functioning of Customs operations.

RTF is headed by Director of Customs and the other staffs are Deputy Directors of Customs, Superintendents of Customs, Deputy Superintendents of Customs, Assistant Superintendent of Customs, Inspectors of Customs and the clerical staff.

RTF monitors all imports and exports to ensure that all goods have been cleared on payment of all levies due, and in conformity with all other rules and regulations, and empowered to intercept and re-examine of seize for investigations any goods imported, or to be exported, including personal baggage, mail & courier parcels. Further RTF will carry out surprise checks at Airports, Air Cargo, Courier Parcel Warehouses, Unaccompanied Passenger Baggage Warehouse, Parcel Post, General Cargo, BOI Cargo, Bonded Cargo, Export Cargo etc.