System Compliance Audit Directorate

The scope is to conduct audits assessing the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of resource initialization in all core processes and supporting processes which including in all divisions throughout the Department

Major Functions

  • Effectively manage the internal audit activity to ensure it adds value to the organization by promoting audit service wherever possible
  • Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of controls encompassing the organizations governance, operations and information system including
    • Reliability and integrity of financial & operational information
    • Effectiveness & efficiency of operations
    • Safeguarding of Assets
    • Compliance with laws, regulations and contracts
  • Establish audit plans based on risk assesment to improve management of risk, and improve the organization operations
  • Reporting significant risk exposures and control issues and other matters needed or requested by the senior management
  • Review operations & programs to ascertain the extent to which results are consistent with established goals and objectives to determine whether operations and programmers are being implemented or performed as intended
  • Assess and make appropriate recommendations for improving the governance process in its accomplishment of the following objectives
    • Promoting appropriate ethics and values within the organization
    • Ensuring effective organizational performance management and accountability



Director (Internal Audit) – Phone – 011 2221580
Fax – 011 2321346
Extension 7850
Internal Audit (General) Extension 7857