Attempt to smuggle items of historical value thwarted

In four occasions six Sri Lankans who attempted to smuggle out ancient coins, ornaments, and various other items of historical values belonging to the Polonnaruwa reign and periods of Dutch, Portuguese and British rule, by concealing in their baggage were arrested on 27/09/2012 at the Bandaranaike International Airport by the customs authorities. Attempted to smuggle 665 coins and jewellery foreign and local coins used in Polonnaruwa, Portuguese and Dutch periods. Ancient waist chains, necklaces, Rings, Pins used on women’s clothes, spoons and several more items were also among the items in custody. Above mentioned items was forfeited and a penalty of LKR 10,00.00 was imposed on the offenders Since, taking out the items out of the country which carry an archaeological value as determine by the Director General of the Department of Archeology, without the valid license/ permit issued by the said an authority is an offense in terms of the Customs Ordinance read with provisions of the Antiquities Ordinance.

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