Forfeiture of Global Threatened Fish

This case was detected on 16.02.2020 at Air Cargo Export Terminal, Katunayaka. A consignment of “Edible Fish” containing 69 boxes, total net weight declared: 775.30kg, total value declared: LKR 2,130,484/- was to be exported to Moscow via EK649 flight by an export company located at Negambo, Sri Lanka. Upon examination it was revealed that the shark specie inside is not the declared one (Black tip shark) instead it was Hemipristis elongate (Snaggletooth Shark). The specimen is listed as “vulnerable” in the global IUCN threaten category.

Exportation of this fish species is a violation of Customs Ordinance (Chapter 235) section 119. The goods were forfeited and penalty of LKR 20,000/- was imposed.

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