Illegal export of Kothala Himbutu mugs attempt detected

Salacia reticulata (Kothala Himbutu) is an indigenous plant to Sri Lanka that contains high specific medicinal value in healing diabetes, hepatitis, digestion, etc. This plant has around 150 patents and pending patent applications. Majority is obtained by Japanese. Japan is the one of the foremost producer of drugs using this plant. Due to the growing demand for this in the international trade, many attempts are being made to smuggle it.Salacia reticulatais considered as a forest produce and protected under Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.

Exportation any product ofSalacia reticulatais a violation of Customs Ordinance (Chapter 235) read with Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance and Forest Conservation Ordinance. 07 numbers of Salaciareticulata mugs were forfeited at BIA departure Passenger terminal on 09th November 2016while being attempted to smuggle out to China by a Chinese National.

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