Notice by I & S Directorate – Implementation of Fool Proof Sticker Management System – 25.03.2022


Implementation of Fool Proof Sticker Management System

Your attention is invited to the Extra Ordinary Gazette Notification bearing No. 07/2021, issued by the Minister holding the subject of Finance on 25.02.2021.

Through the recent notification issued to the Director General of Customs, the Deputy Secretary to the Treasury, who is the appointed chairman of the Cabinet Appointed Committee (CAC) to supervise the Fool-Proof Sticker Management system, has provided explicit instructions on the necessity of compliance to guidelines issued with regard to the stitching of the approved Fool-Proof stickers on the excisable articles imported and stored inside Customs bonded warehouses, prior to resale or transfer of the same to sates outlets listed I to V below.

In order to ensure the compliance to the aforesaid instruction, which is delineated at Rule No. 9 of the Excise (Security Features) Rules 2021, as the delegated authority of Sri Lanka Customs, this office has taken a decision to quash requests for Re-Bonding to the categories/ companies listed from I to V below, unless copies of the proof documents (Sticker purchases receipts) from the Department of Excise are furnished to the entry processing officers at Industries and Services Directorate (ISD), by the importer/selling party or his clearing agent, at the time, the Re-Bond entry is submitted for warranting.

  1. Duty-Free Shops (DFS) operating inside ports and airports of Sri Lanka.
  2. DFSS operating in places outside the ports and airports of Sri Lanka
  3. Diplomatic Missions
  4. Sri Lankan Airlines
  5. Sri Lankan Catering

Re-Bond entries submitted in order to transfer consignments of liquor exclusively to ship-chandlers are exempted from this requirement. However, in order to prove, the liquor is transferred to a ship chandler, the entity submitting the Re-Bond entry for warranting, should furnish the entry processing officer, a copy of the registration/permit awarded to the ship-chandler by Sri Lanka Ports Authority.

Any further clarifications on the new mechanism, could be obtained from Mr. Mahinda Jayawardena (Deputy Director- ISD) or Mr. Thimal Warnakutasooriya (Superintendent of Customs-ISD)


J L H K Jayatilake,
Director of Customs,
Industries and Services Directorate,
for Director General of Customs

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