Notice by Industries & Services Directorate – 28.05.2021

Important Notice by Industries & Services Directorate

Online CUSDEC processing at I & S Directorate with effect from 01.06.2021 

  • As a measure of evading  possible health risks to the officers, I & S Directorate has decided to process entries online with effect from 01.06.2021.
  • Accordingly, all CHA shall upload relevant scanned documents to the system along with the submitted entry.
  • Upon submission of all necessary scanned images (Commercial Invoice & Packing list, BL, DO, VAT Deferment certificates, ICL, Necessary Approvals etc., other support docs.), a WhatsApp massage should be sent to the dedicated numbers 0777 930 269 or 0714 627 918 enabling
    ASCC (Receiving) to inform Appraisers / SCC.
  • The methodology to upload scanned documents is available at;
  • In instances, the specific entry gets queried by officers, same will be notified back to the sender through a WhatsApp message.
  • Once, the relevant entry is processed, it will be notified to the CHA via a WhatsApp massage.
  • Any queries please feel free to contact Mr. W M P Amaranayake SC on 0718020301
  • Your corporation and adherence to the adapted procedure is vital to serve your interests without delay amid the contagious pandemic.

Director of Customs
Industries & Services Directorate

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