Attempt to export Dried Fish Gills without CITES Certificate

This Case was detected on 17.07.2020 at Air Cargo Export Terminal, Katunayaka. A shipment planned to HongKong contained 109.5 Kgs (5 BAGS) of dried fish gills (Spine tail Devil Ray – Mobula japonica, Sickle Fin Devil Ray –Mobula tarapacana) and 180.5 Kgs (11 bags) of fish maws have been forwarded for Customs examination.

Fish Gill of above two species are listed in Appendix II of CITES(Convention On International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

Exporter failed to produce CITES permit for Fish gills. So that is violation of fisheries regulations of Shark Fishery Management (High seas) Regulations, 2015 Gazette Extraordinary Number and dated Fish and Fishery Products, Export, Import and Re-export Management Regulations 2017.No. 2023/51 – 15.06.2017 declared under Fisheries and Aquatics Act No 02 of 1996.

This attempt of exportation violates Section 12 B and 44 of the Customs Ordinance. Therefor Production was forfeited and penalty of LKR 100,000 /- was imposed to the Exporter.

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