Revenue Collected by Sri Lanka Customs

Sri Lanka Customs (SLC), with a rich history, stands as a crucial player in steering the current economic crisis facing Sri Lanka, as it contributes a significant portion of government revenue. In 2023, the SLC achieved its highest-ever revenue collection under restrictions on imports, and this accomplishment is attributed to competent human resources and innovative approaches by Customs management.

Estimated vs Actual Revenue

MonthEstimated Revenue (Rs.Mn) Actual Revenue (Rs.Mn)
January116324 125455
February118475 113189
March118055 114374
April102331 126876
May122854 108114

Accumulated Revenue

MonthAccumulated Revenue (Rs.Mn)

Revenue collected on last two weeks

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Total Import and Export Tax Revenue (Rs. In Billions)

Disclaimer: The above displayed revenue are for reference purposes only.