Imported live birds forfeited

Officers attached to Biodiversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection Division (BCNP) uncovered an attempt to smuggle a consignment of live birds in to the country on 10.02.2012 The consignment included species which were vulnerable to avian influence as the birds were imported from the street market of Bangkok while the approvals for the consignment from relevant authorities were not available. After the customs inquiry conducted 121 birds were imported through this consignment was handed over to the Department of National Zoological Gardens after forfeiture Rs 450,000, penalty was imposed on the offender. Goods were valued at $1130 (Rs. 120,000) actual value is Rs. 13.6 million is a valuation fraud. This is a violation of Fauna & Flora Protection Ordinance and also quarantine approval from the Department of Animal Production & health and was given only for a part of the shipment.


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