Notice for all Customs House Agents and Stakeholders – 09.12.2021


After obtaining the ‘Release Order’ from the relevant processing offices for the CUSDECs, please verify whether the CUSDECs are referred to any ‘Other Government Agency’ before proceeding to the respective Examination Yards.

These are valid for all Imports, Exports, FCL/LCL shipments, Sea Cargo and Air Cargo shipments.

The Other Government Agencies include the following entities,

  • FCA – Food Control Authority
  • CDA – Coconut Development Authority
  • APH – Department of Animal Production and Health
  • PQS – National Plant Quarantine Service
  • DFA – Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
  • ICL – Import and Export Control Department
  • EXC – Excise Department

To verify and see whether your CUSDEC has been referred to any of the above Agencies, you can follow the below mentioned steps in ASYCUDA system.

Step 01:

ASYCUDA –> Document Library –> Goods Clearance –> Declaration –> Detailed Declaration –> Right Click on Detailed Declaration and Search for the CUSDEC –> View the CUSDEC

Step 02:

Navigate to the ‘Items Administrations Selectivity’ tab of the CUSDEC.

(This will be activated only after giving the ‘Release Order’ for the CUSDEC)

Step 03:

Check for the ‘Administration’ and ‘Colour’ in the view.

If the CUSDEC is referred to any of the above agencies, it will get listed here.

Colour codes,
  • ‘Yellow’ – Pending Approval
  • ‘Green’ – Approved
  • ‘Blue’ – Approved, subject to post audit
  • ‘Red’ – Not approved

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