CPU Directorate

Consumer Protection Unit

Importation of Waste.

The intelligence and the information gathered true preliminary investigation from available sources consumer protection unit of Sri Lanka Customs suspected some consignments which are imported from UK contain post-consumer goods and waste which violate National Environment Act and international convention against transboundary movement of waste and under that 242 containers were detected and detained by Consumer Protection Unit in early 2019.

These waste containers were imported to Sri Lanka by local company through local hub operation without the approval of the Central Environment Authority (CEA). Custom investigation revealed that the importation of the waste material Violating the international treaty, Basel convention signed on the control of trans boundary moment of hazardous materials.

112 containers were lying at the Colombo Harbor and 130 containers already been cleared and lying at Hayleys hub operation premises which is functioning under BOI. As per the order given by Court of Appeal and interim order of customs inquiry, 102 containers were repatriated to UK in this month. Remain 10 containers in the Colombo harbor will be repatriated to UK within this month (November 2020).

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